Bedwetting Alarms: Stick with What Works

Wet-Stop3 bedwetting alarm: Mom approvedThere are many choices for bedwetting alarms. Do not be fooled by products that pop up, claiming to be the best. Do your homework to be sure that you know what you are getting. Read reviews, research how long it has been in production. Look into the company and manufacturer. Unfortunately, there are many knock-offs and poor quality products in the market today.

Doctor designed Wet-Stop3 alarmWet-Stop3 bedwetting/enuresis alarm has been around since 1979. With each new style and edition have come improvements. This means years of testing, thousands of customers, countless hours and efforts put in to creating the best quality product. Designed by a pediatric urologist, Wet-Stop3 is recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Perhaps best of all, Wet-Stop3 is affordable. As the market is dynamic, prices will change; however Wet-Stop3 continually competes to be the lowest priced bedwetting alarm wherever it is offered by PottyMD. PottyMD is proud to work with numerous physicians to offer family assistance to those in need.

Results speak volumes. Over 400,000 Wet-Stop3 alarms have been sold. Better yet, Wet-Stop3 is clinically proven to cure bedwetting. The alarm is easy to use, is wearable and comes with everything you need to achieve nighttime dryness.

Simply put, Wet-Stop3 is the best-selling enuresis alarm. Available online now at amazon, and walmart. Wet-Stop3 is also available through amazon in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain. Contact for more information on international availability.

Facing Our Parents’ Future: Aging Gracefully

I was born in the early seventies, when station wagons were the popular auto of choice for mothers, dining out was a rare occasion and air conditioning was a luxury. Much has changed since those days. Some changes are improvements that have bettered our lives as child and parent alike.

While I still feel like a child in many ways, I look around to see that I am not. I’ve aged, and my friends have aged. What’s more, my friends’ parents have aged. All those parents who took me in for sleepovers, carpooled us to games and events and watched us from kindergarten to graduation, weddings, then having our own children.

So, now they are the grandparents, while we are the parents. And, we are faced with new challenges as their children. Caring for our parents is a very real issue we are coming to face. Without much warning, we can be making tough decisions on our parents’ health and future.

Fortunately some changes I’ve seen in my lifetime may make these decision a little easier. The creation of assisted living homes gives older folks a community centered around them. We’ve seen a rise in careers such as caregivers and an increase in research of senior illness. Products and services for elderly have given a boost to quality of life. We certainly have a wealth of options and help today that was not available in the past.

PottyMD has provided quality products for children for years. We’ve taken our experience and success in those products to the senior sector. Our focus is to provide the most affordable, quality, and results-oriented products and education. Wet Detective, our incontinence alarm and bed pad system, provides comfort and care. Our washable, waterproof bedding brings peace of mind. These products promote healthy habits and personal hygiene. In addition, caregivers and healthcare professionals recommend our products, as our products lead to improved sanitary conditions, prevent disease and other health-related problems.

Find out more about the Wet Detective.

Bedwetting Alarms: Wearable vs. Wireless

Bedwetting or enuresis alarms were invented over 50 years ago. Initially bedwetting alarms were pads placed on the bed and connected to an alarm device, called bell and pad alarms. Now, the bedwetting alarm comes in many sizes and variations. The two types of bedwetting alarms are wearable alarms and wireless alarms.

Both types of alarms are proven solutions for incontinence and enuresis. Often times the wearable alarm is  more successful in younger children while the wireless alarm may work better for elderly, older children and those with disabilities.

WetStop3 wearable bedwetting alarmThe Wet-Stop3 wearable bedwetting alarm is user-friendly. The small sensor is attached to underwear while the magnetic clip is attached to pajama top. No dangerous pins, cumbersome tape, or time consuming sewing required. You can choose between five loud variable alarms so your child doesn’t get used to a particular alarm sound. Wet-Stop3 is the loudest possible alarm while still safe (OSHA). The strong vibrating alarm can be used with or without audible alarms. The alarm wakens and motivates your child to go to the bathroom to finish urinating.

WetDetective wireless incontinence alarmThe Wet Detective wireless alarm for enuresis and incontinence has a sensor pad placed on the bed (or on seat of wheelchair) and connects to an alarm monitor that is nearby. Four alarm settings: light only, medium alarm, alert beep and loud alarm, as well as Flashing LED Respond Button, can be selected according to needs. No wires to attach to person. The patented sensor pad is waterproof and hypoallergenic, detects moisture, is comfortable to sleep on, and is machine washable.

Wearable and wireless alarms have helped to cure bedwetting (enuresis) for years. They are safe, non-medicinal methods for children and adults. What’s more, both alarms promote dry nights, healthy potty habits and personal hygiene. For more information on bedwetting alarms, contact (865) 584-6700.

Finding Your Cure for Bedwetting


About Bedwetting

Bedwetting is also called nocturnal enuresis. It is experienced by tens of millions of children worldwide. Nearly 1 out of 4 five-year olds, 1 out of 5 seven-year olds, and 1 out of 20 children over the age of 10 have bedwetting problems.

Because millions of children have daytime urine control and still bed wet (nocturnal enuresis) it is a very common concern for parents. Bedwetting can adversely affect the child’s self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, quality of life, academic pursuits, and simple childhood activities, such as camps, sleepovers, etc. Most children will stop bedwetting after turning four or five, but it is really never too early to start helping a child master the skills of nighttime control. If your child is bedwetting, the time for action may be now. Certainly you can wait to see if the nighttime accidents decrease over time, since most children will eventually outgrow the problem. However, it is very difficult to predict when your child will master the art of nighttime urine control. PottyMD has excellent programs and ideas for overcoming bedwetting in children and adults.


The following are the more commonly used treatment options for bedwetting in children:

Waiting and outgrowing a bedwetting problem
Bedwetting alarm
Reward system
Waking the child to urinate
Limiting nighttime drinking
abnormal daytime bladder and bowel habits
Any combination of the above treatments
What Are The Best Treatments?

You Are NOT Alone

Parents should not feel responsible for their child’s bedwetting problem. Since we do not completely understand why some children wet and others do not, parents should be cautious when others make claims they can easily cure your child’s problem. Yes, there are good treatments available, but as a parent, you should understand all of the possible causes for why your child wets at night before pursuing potentially harmful and expensive treatments. Potty MD wishes to provide you with the education and tools that are needed to best treat your child’s bedwetting problem. Do not let others promise a “one treatment fits all” approach. Many times, children need different approaches to correct their bedwetting problem. If bed wetting were caused by the same problem in everyone, then only one treatment would be needed and everyone would be easily cured. Potty MD realizes that bedwetting is complex and difficult to treat in some children. We have developed different approaches and education to help correct most bed wetting problems.

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Toilet Training With Potty Monkey

potty monkey toilet training palToilet training is a big step for all kids (and parents)! Potty training takes a great deal of patience and comforting from mom and dad. Boys and girls can become discouraged and lose self-esteem early on. It is important to find a method or tool that is convenient and easy to use, that helps your child feel secure.

To help both parent and child, PottyMD created the Potty Monkey. Potty MD’s Potty Monkey is a great tool for toilet training. The Potty Monkey is a soft and cuddly stuffed animal who goes through the journey of potty training with your child. His built-in timer is a reminder when it is time to go (either 30 or 90 minutes). Potty Monkey encourages frequent bathroom visits, relaxed bathroom habits and the importance of good bladder and bowel functions.

Along with the Potty Monkey comes a book for parents and a board book for child. He brings his own flushing potty, a diaper and a pair of “big kid” underwear. Potty Monkey helps provide positive reinforcement and becomes a pal.

>>Learn more about when it is time to potty train


Comforting Help With Urinary Incontinence

Let’s face it, many people have struggles with sensitive or overactive bladders and urinary incontinence. There are several types of incontinence, and it effects men, women and children. If you’re facing incontinence, you are not alone.

Urinary incontinence can be hard to discuss and even embarrassing to some. It can be caused by many different factors, including stress, childbirth, constipation and prostrate cancer. While it may be a fact of like, bladder leaking does not have to ruin your life!

Bring comfort back to bedtime. PottyMD products can provide comfort for those suffering from urinary incontinence. Waterproof bedding, mattress pads and mattress covers, along with the Wet-Detective wetness alert system are effective tools. These products can be used for folks of all ages.

With this system, an alert is sent when wetness is detected. The alarm has four settings: two different volumes, light only and alarm beep. A removable cable connects alarm to mattress or pad. No uncomfortable wires to wear means no added distraction and peace of mind.

The alarm is wired to waterproof bedding. Mattress covers come in all bed sizes. Or, if preferred a mattress pad, can be used. Both the mattress and pads are machine washable and durable.

Using these products can bring great solace. Avoiding diapers is a plus. Exercises, certain lifestyle changes and other treatments may help cure urinary incontinence. Always consult your doctor when addressing health issues and needs.

Time for a Reminder?

wobl watch The WobL is so much more than just a watch! Sure, it tells time, but WobL has much more to offer. WobL can act as a timer, a reminder, a countdown tool, and more. The WobL is the world’s smallest vibrating watch and is water resistant to 3ATM.

The WobL has a sporty design and an adjustable velcro band. It is perfect for children who need a reminder to visit the restroom. The watch’s gentle vibrating reminder works well at school, alerting the child while promoting a good routine and healthy habits.

With it’s small size, the WobL vibrating reminder watch is perfect for the smaller wrist of women, children and elderly.
Whether it’s for a lady who likes to time herself while she exercises, or as a tool to help a forgetful parent remember to take their medicine, the WobL is the perfect choice. This vibrating reminder watch is also great for the mom who needs a timer for cooking, child tantrum timeouts and any other reminder she might need.

The WobL vibrating reminder watch comes in four colors: blue, pink, purple and black. The WobL also features a discreet alarm that vibrates ten times for 15 seconds, and eight different alarms can be set.

The WobL vibrating reminder watch with it’s smaller design is great for telling time, there are many other uses for this watch:

Exercises: Women, young adults and kids can comfortably wear the WobL while jogging or walking
Cooks & Chefs: The Wobl has a timer function which is perfect for cooking
Parents: Countdown for child’s timeouts
Seniors: WobL’s vibrate mode is a gentle reminder to take medicine
Special needs: Use the vibrating reminder watch to help those with special needs
Homework: The WobL’s stop-watch is a great tool for helping your child with homework
Potty Training: WobL’s alarms can be set at intervals to help remind children when to visit the bathroom
Daily Routines: Set an alarm to remind you of daily tasks

Parent Testimonial: Shocked that it worked

open-quotationsI’ve read many reviews online trying desperately to find some kind of a solution to my son’s bedwetting problem, and although I was skeptical at first about
these bedwetting alarms, I knew I had to start somewhere. My pediatrician recommended that we start with the alarms, so after reading through all
different types, I decided to start with this one. My son is almost 9 years old and he has been wetting his bed every night and I’m not exaggerating when I say every night. We purchased a brand new bed for him and decided not to take off the protective plastic case surrounding the mattress due to his bedwetting problem. At this age, he’s pretty discouraged to be wearing protective “underpants” to sleep and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer for the issue to resolve on its own. At this age, it seemed far beyond normal.

There are two issues I needed to tackle, strengthening his bladder control and his deep sleep. I decided to tackle each step by step. During the day, I had him hold his urine when he first felt the urge. I made him wait 15 minutes the first week and then we tried to push the time a little longer with each successive week. After several weeks, he was able to hold his urine for almost 40 minutes after the first urge. During this time, he was still wetting his bed every night. I really think this helped in the next step of using the alarm. I truly believe this exercise helped strengthen and enlarge his bladder so that he is able to hold it longer. We did this for about 3 weeks.

Next, I purchased this alarm and explained to him how we were going to use it step by step. The first night, he woke up from the alarm but his underwear was wet. I was just happy that he was able to wake-up from the alarm without my assistance. The next few days, he actually woke up with his underwear being just a little wet (just enough to
sound the alarm) and he went to the bathroom himself and finished peeing. This process went on for about 2 weeks. After the third week, he is no longer wetting the bed. He is completely dry. Couple nights ago, he told me he woke up by himself without the alarm because he felt the urge to pee. This is the 4th week with the alarm and I still have him wear it just in case he regresses within this short time.

I can’t tell you how happy and confident he feels now. I was shocked at how quickly and easily the alarm helped him to train his brain
during his sleep. Something about the alarm and being consciously aware that he needs to wake up at the urge has trained his brain to wake up or hold his pee.

Having said all this, I am really happy with this alarm. The sound
may not be as loud, but I don’t think it should be. It would probably startle
your child while sleeping. The combination of the vibration with the sound woke up my son. The magnet holder on the alarm is great to hold it in place along the neckline of his shirt. My son also shares a room with his older brother and my older son said he only heard the alarm go off the first night. So it worked well to not disturb my older son while waking up my younger one.

I highly recommend this alarm and empathize with every mom who is struggling with this issue. The good news is that it can be resolved!

By: Mrs. Choi