Frequently Asked Questions

Which bedwetting alarm is best for my child?

Bedwetting alarms are very similar in their function. There are some very inexpensive alarms that do not provide the quality or reliability that is often needed to get your child dry. There are also very expensive alarms that may provide more options than are needed. Bedwetting alarms are not for every child or family. Most bedwetting alarm suppliers try to sell their products to every child with nighttime wetting. If you are motivated, and if your child does not have abnormal daytime potty habits (wetting, constipation, frequency etc.) then a good alarm is likely to give good results. A good alarm sounds LOUD and should wake up the child or family. Alarms that only provide light or vibration should be avoided, since they give the poorest results. The alarms sold by PottyMD are of great quality. How the sensor is positioned into the underwear or pull-up is the greatest difference between alarms. Despite what you hear, the sensors all have pros and cons. As long as the sensor can be close to the urine it should work. If you look closely, some sensors are more bulky than others, but they will more likely stay in place and have a larger contact surface. Smaller sensors are more comfortable and easy to use, but their position may be harder to maintain. The bed pad sensors are easy to use and are durable. They tend to be more expensive. To view all of the alarms PottyMD offers, please visit our Bedwetting Products Section.

Does PottyMD offer different treatments for bedwetting?

Absolutely yes! PottyMD is the only physician-directed (pediatric urologists) resource for children, parents and physicians that provides a complete program for bedwetting. PottyMD believes that parents need to be educated about all of the possible causes for bedwetting (there are several causes). Other resources try to promote their product(s) and they tend to not offer alternative treatments for bedwetting. For example, bedwetting alarms are sold from several sources. Many of these vendors or manufacturers believe the alarm is suited for every child that wets at night. They are more interested in selling the alarm than individualizing the treatment for each child’s problem. PottyMD believes bedwetting alarms do work, but there are other treatments that can be considered. As stated above, alarms are very effective for many, but others will never become dry with an alarm. We provide alarms for those who wish to pursue this treatment approach.
PottyMD has an open-minded, comprehensive book that addresses all of the causes and possible treatments for bedwetting. Our book is FREE with a purchase of any alarm. PottyMD also offers counseling to address each child’s situation. PottyMD is also the only resource that offers an alternative treatment plan that does not involve prescription meds or alarms. This treatment is usually effective even if the child has a complex problem. PottyMD wants results—not to just sell products. Read our Bedwetting Handbook to learn more or obtain Personal Counseling to get quicker/personalized advice.