Treatment Options

The following are the more commonly used treatment options for bedwetting in children:

  • Waiting and outgrowing a bedwetting problem
  • Bedwetting alarm
  • Medications
  • Reward system
  • Waking the child to urinate
  • Limiting nighttime drinking
  • abnormal daytime bladder and bowel habits
  • Diet
  • Counseling
  • Any combination of the above treatments

What Are The Best Treatments?

Parents should not feel responsible for their child’s bedwetting problem. Since we do not completely understand why some children wet and others do not, parents should be cautious when others make claims they can easily cure your child’s problem. Yes, there are good treatments available, but as a parent, you should understand all of the possible causes for why your child wets at night before pursuing potentially harmful and expensive treatments. Potty MD wishes to provide you with the education and tools that are needed to best treat your child’s bedwetting problem. Do not let others promise a “one treatment fits all” approach. Many times, children need different approaches to correct their bedwetting problem. If bed wetting were caused by the same problem in everyone, then only one treatment would be needed and everyone would be easily cured. Potty MD realizes that bedwetting is complex and difficult to treat in some children. Therefore, we have developed different approaches and education to help correct most bed wetting problems.