Facing Our Parents’ Future: Aging Gracefully

I was born in the early seventies, when station wagons were the popular auto of choice for mothers, dining out was a rare occasion and air conditioning was a luxury. Much has changed since those days. Some changes are improvements that have bettered our lives as child and parent alike.

While I still feel like a child in many ways, I look around to see that I am not. I’ve aged, and my friends have aged. What’s more, my friends’ parents have aged. All those parents who took me in for sleepovers, carpooled us to games and events and watched us from kindergarten to graduation, weddings, then having our own children.

So, now they are the grandparents, while we are the parents. And, we are faced with new challenges as their children. Caring for our parents is a very real issue we are coming to face. Without much warning, we can be making tough decisions on our parents’ health and future.

Fortunately some changes I’ve seen in my lifetime may make these decision a little easier. The creation of assisted living homes gives older folks a community centered around them. We’ve seen a rise in careers such as caregivers and an increase in research of senior illness. Products and services for elderly have given a boost to quality of life. We certainly have a wealth of options and help today that was not available in the past.

PottyMD has provided quality products for children for years. We’ve taken our experience and success in those products to the senior sector. Our focus is to provide the most affordable, quality, and results-oriented products and education. Wet Detective, our incontinence alarm and bed pad system, provides comfort and care. Our washable, waterproof bedding brings peace of mind. These products promote healthy habits and personal hygiene. In addition, caregivers and healthcare professionals recommend our products, as our products lead to improved sanitary conditions, prevent disease and other health-related problems.

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