Parent Testimonial: Shocked that it worked

open-quotationsI’ve read many reviews online trying desperately to find some kind of a solution to my son’s bedwetting problem, and although I was skeptical at first about
these bedwetting alarms, I knew I had to start somewhere. My pediatrician recommended that we start with the alarms, so after reading through all
different types, I decided to start with this one. My son is almost 9 years old and he has been wetting his bed every night and I’m not exaggerating when I say every night. We purchased a brand new bed for him and decided not to take off the protective plastic case surrounding the mattress due to his bedwetting problem. At this age, he’s pretty discouraged to be wearing protective “underpants” to sleep and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer for the issue to resolve on its own. At this age, it seemed far beyond normal.

There are two issues I needed to tackle, strengthening his bladder control and his deep sleep. I decided to tackle each step by step. During the day, I had him hold his urine when he first felt the urge. I made him wait 15 minutes the first week and then we tried to push the time a little longer with each successive week. After several weeks, he was able to hold his urine for almost 40 minutes after the first urge. During this time, he was still wetting his bed every night. I really think this helped in the next step of using the alarm. I truly believe this exercise helped strengthen and enlarge his bladder so that he is able to hold it longer. We did this for about 3 weeks.

Next, I purchased this alarm and explained to him how we were going to use it step by step. The first night, he woke up from the alarm but his underwear was wet. I was just happy that he was able to wake-up from the alarm without my assistance. The next few days, he actually woke up with his underwear being just a little wet (just enough to
sound the alarm) and he went to the bathroom himself and finished peeing. This process went on for about 2 weeks. After the third week, he is no longer wetting the bed. He is completely dry. Couple nights ago, he told me he woke up by himself without the alarm because he felt the urge to pee. This is the 4th week with the alarm and I still have him wear it just in case he regresses within this short time.

I can’t tell you how happy and confident he feels now. I was shocked at how quickly and easily the alarm helped him to train his brain
during his sleep. Something about the alarm and being consciously aware that he needs to wake up at the urge has trained his brain to wake up or hold his pee.

Having said all this, I am really happy with this alarm. The sound
may not be as loud, but I don’t think it should be. It would probably startle
your child while sleeping. The combination of the vibration with the sound woke up my son. The magnet holder on the alarm is great to hold it in place along the neckline of his shirt. My son also shares a room with his older brother and my older son said he only heard the alarm go off the first night. So it worked well to not disturb my older son while waking up my younger one.

I highly recommend this alarm and empathize with every mom who is struggling with this issue. The good news is that it can be resolved!

By: Mrs. Choi

New Parent Testimonial

open-quotationsSince my (now) 7 year old was 3, she woke up 6-7 mornings/week with a wet pull
up. We tried everything – withholding liquids, waking her before we went to bed, waking up in the middle of the night to wake her up to go…..etc. At her 7 year check up, my pediatrician recommended using an alarm and after reading many of the hundreds of reviews on this product, I picked the Wet-Stop3 alarm. I also bought the Good Night bed pads to go with it so that I wouldn’t have to change the sheets in the middle of the night if my daughter were to have an accident. I will also add that my daughter was really excited to use the alarm. She was at the point that she was starting to get embarrassed to wear her pullup at sleepovers, etc. The VERY first night the alarm didn’t go off….my daughter woke up DRY!!! It could have just been she has been ready and needed the mental push to wake up dry, but in the course of the first month the alarm only went off 4 times! After that first month, my daughter told me she was ready to stop
wearing the alarm AND stop putting the pad on the bed. It has been 4 weeks and she has just had one accident. Total miracle product – I highly recommend it.

–Cowgirl Mom–

So Awesome by JMS–Parent Testimonial

open-quotationsPotty Monkey Testimonial:

This is the best potty training product I have ever seen! Basically this is a timer with positive reinforcement built in. You turn it on, and the monkey tells your child when it is time to go potty. I placed the monkey potty on the back of the toilet. When the monkey is placed on his potty, he talks about going potty and sings songs. My son has autism and is very good at staying dry but only if he is taken to the potty on schedule. I have three other kids, and it is easy to forget to remind him right on schedule all the time. Now the monkey does the job of reminding me and him to use the potty. We have had it a week and while he is still having accidents with going number 2, he has been dry all week. Hey I will take any progress at this point. I didn’t find this toy annoying at all. The monkey’s voice sounds like a real child. No annoying tones. Granted I don’t always wanna listen to the monkey sing about his pee and poop while it is sitting on its’ potty, but it does the job I want it to. lol

Parent Testimonial

We have received so many testimonials from parents in the past few weeks that we want to share some of them:

open-quotationsThis product is great. Our physician recommended we purchase a bedwetting alarm for our child as the Dr. stated it has the highest success rate. We looked at several and settled for this one. It’s not a miracle. It does require work on the parent’s side. The alarm is loud but initially my child wouldn’t hear it (he’s an extremely heavy sleeper and therefore one of the major reasons he bedwets). So for about two weeks straight we would hear the alarm first, run in and wake him up. In the beginning, he had emptied out his bladder completely. Towards the end of the two weeks he was stopping midway and would finish up in the bathroom. Later on, he would hear it first and stop himself and eventually he started waking up on his own. It may be frustrating initially but it requires patience. It’s not going to happen overnight, and you will both lose sleep but don’t stop. The key is consistency. The body will eventually train itself to wake up when it feels the bladder is full. We found it worked best for my child when we didn’t put him to bed with a diaper/pull-up, and just did underwear. That way they feel the wetness and hate it, which motivates them to quit bedwetting. Also, we did have to put a piece of tissue on the sensor before we clipped it to his underwear as we had several false alarms prior to that. I guess, it felt the warmth of his skin and the sensor assumed it was due to bedwetting. After that, we didn’t have a problem. He’s been dry for a year now!  —-Sasha in Hawaii

Wet-Stop3 Testimonial

I think it is so important to have testimonials from other parents.  Bedwetting is a topic that is not generally discussed among friends and when a parent searches the web for help, one of the most helpful items is a testimonial from a parent experiencing the same problem.  Please read below to for one of our most recent testimonials:


open-quotationsI bought this product for my six year old son who was still having to wearGoodnites every night. He is such a sound sleeper that he did not wake himselfup at night to go to the bathroom. After a month of setting my alarm to wake himthe middle of the night I decided I needed to find a different approach because
that way was not working. My husband and I looked into this Wet-Stop alarm. We were skeptical at first because we truly did not think anything would wake him from his deep sleep. You have to be patient with this product but after just a month we are well on our way to dry nights. He has gone 10 days in a row with either waking himself up on his own, holding it all night, or being awakened by the alarm after he starts to dribble in his sleep. The first couple of weeks were touch and go. The alarm does say it can take up to six months to see the full results. After only a month I am quite satisfied with the results that we are seeing. We continue to use the alarm each night.