Child Constipation

What is Constipation?

Constipation is characterized by hard, large, and dry bowel movements that are difficult, painful to pass, cause abdominal pain or occur infrequently. It is difficult to tell whether or not the child is constipated based on the frequency of bowel movements. Most children have 1-2 poops a day but having a bowel movement every other day can be normal for some children. Constipation is very common in children. Children with constipation are at increased risk for developing urine infections, bedwetting, urine accidents and other urine and bowel problems. When constipation begins to cause problems, treatment is advised. Children not yet potty trained can begin to hold and become constipated. This likely will interfere with potty training. Older children commonly hold and do not have diets that promote good bowel movements. PottyMD can help with most every constipation and encopresis (bowel accidents) related problems in children.