New Parent Testimonial

open-quotationsSince my (now) 7 year old was 3, she woke up 6-7 mornings/week with a wet pull
up. We tried everything – withholding liquids, waking her before we went to bed, waking up in the middle of the night to wake her up to go…..etc. At her 7 year check up, my pediatrician recommended using an alarm and after reading many of the hundreds of reviews on this product, I picked the Wet-Stop3 alarm. I also bought the Good Night bed pads to go with it so that I wouldn’t have to change the sheets in the middle of the night if my daughter were to have an accident. I will also add that my daughter was really excited to use the alarm. She was at the point that she was starting to get embarrassed to wear her pullup at sleepovers, etc. The VERY first night the alarm didn’t go off….my daughter woke up DRY!!! It could have just been she has been ready and needed the mental push to wake up dry, but in the course of the first month the alarm only went off 4 times! After that first month, my daughter told me she was ready to stop
wearing the alarm AND stop putting the pad on the bed. It has been 4 weeks and she has just had one accident. Total miracle product – I highly recommend it.

–Cowgirl Mom–

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