Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if your child is not interested in potty training?

Getting a child to be interested in using the potty is not always easy. If your child is old enough to talk about pee and poop, can get on/off a potty, and discusses diaper issues with you then most likely she can be trained. Some believe just because the child can be trained does not mean she should be trained. If you as the parent desire your child to be trained, then you can proceed with whatever loving and consistent measures you see reasonable to train. If you have tried coaxing, rewards, games and praise without much success then you must be prepared to determine if a stern (but loving) method needs to be tried. Contrary to some expert’s opinions, potty training is sometimes a decision the parent needs to make for the child. Certain situations do not allow for the child to determine when and how to potty train. Do not become pressured by others to potty train your child. Parents need to decide the best timing and approach. For more excellent information and products, see the The Potty Trainer Book, and Potty Training Products.

My child will urinate in the potty. How do I get him to have a bowel movement in the potty?

This is a very common problem. Stool is easier to hold in the body than urine. Bowel movements occur less frequently and having a bowel movement requires more effort, time, and work. All of these are reasons why children are more likely to manipulate when and where they poop. It is not clear why so many children do not want to poop in the potty. Some believe it is scary to have a solid splash the water and then be flushed away out of sight. This may be true. Regardless, if your child refuses to go poop in the potty then you must be prepared to:

  • Wait until he is ready
  • Refuse to allow pull-ups and force the issue
  • Address any underlying constipation that may be contributing
  • Try a combination of the above.

It is not possible here to explain all of the ways to address this issue, but you should not feel alone. You are allowed to pursue any approach you desire as long as you are consistent and loving. Many children are confused, stubborn, or scared to poop in the potty. Your personal situation might explain why your child is having this problem and there are several ways to make it a success. More information is available in The Potty Trainer Book.

My child was potty trained, but now she is having accidents. What do I do?

This problem is addressed in other sections of the PottyMD website. This usually involves a personality trait or lifestyle that causes your child to ignore their body’s message to go. Children will hold in order to play, watch TV, or do other fun activities. Children do not realize that by holding, they will eventually have to go in a hurry and they may not make it in time. Often, children do not know how to avoid the accident again in the future. When asked, children often state, “the next time I will hold it tighter” instead of realizing they just need to go more often. Holding can result in many different bladder and bowel problems. We have the excellent book and tools for bladder AND bowel problems after training.