Signs of Readiness

What Are The Signs Of When A Child is Ready To Be Potty Trained?

Children can be potty trained without showing all of the signs of readiness. If you want to train your child then more than likely if he/she exhibits some of these signs you will most likely succeed. Some of the signs to look for that your child may be ready include:

  • Aware of the need to go
  • Can express and understand simple words or commands
  • Has begun to imitate things that others do
  • Able to sit still for several minutes
  • Eager to be changed once they wet or soil their diaper
  • Anxious to please you in some ways
  • Capable of staying dry for 2 or more hours or wake up dry from a nap
  • Able to pull pants up and down or take diaper off
  • Socially aware of friends, and has a desire to be like other kids
  • Talks about “going”, “about to go”, “are going”, or “just went”
  • Asking to use the potty
  • Talks about pee or poop
  • Goes and hides to use the diaper