Abnormal Child Bladder Problems

What Causes Abnormal Potty Habits?

Millions of children experience bladder problems. Therefore, you and your child should not feel alone. Children with accidents, urine infections, urgency, frequency, belly pain and bed wetting may all have similar problems that need to be addressed. Bladder problems in children are usually a result of holding and incomplete emptying. Confusion, personality, and lifestyle usually cause children to have abnormal bladder habits. Childhood bladder problems are not usually the intentional caused by the child or the parents.

Abnormal potty habits can cause the bladder (and bowel) to not empty well. There are several reasons why children do not effectively empty their bladder. Children can become confused on how to improve their ability to empty. Their school, sports, activities and personality may all be contributing to the problem. Some children are so distracted and uninterested in going to the restroom, that when they do go, they are not able to relax their bottom muscles (sphincters) and let all of the urine out. Abnormal potty habits, or bladder habits, can result in the unwanted symptoms described above. This “holding” and abnormal emptying of the bladder (and stool) is one of the biggest reasons Potty MD exists. Our primary goal is “Helping kids to stop and to go.” TM