Wet-Stop3 Testimonial

I think it is so important to have testimonials from other parents.  Bedwetting is a topic that is not generally discussed among friends and when a parent searches the web for help, one of the most helpful items is a testimonial from a parent experiencing the same problem.  Please read below to for one of our most recent testimonials:


open-quotationsI bought this product for my six year old son who was still having to wearGoodnites every night. He is such a sound sleeper that he did not wake himselfup at night to go to the bathroom. After a month of setting my alarm to wake himthe middle of the night I decided I needed to find a different approach because
that way was not working. My husband and I looked into this Wet-Stop alarm. We were skeptical at first because we truly did not think anything would wake him from his deep sleep. You have to be patient with this product but after just a month we are well on our way to dry nights. He has gone 10 days in a row with either waking himself up on his own, holding it all night, or being awakened by the alarm after he starts to dribble in his sleep. The first couple of weeks were touch and go. The alarm does say it can take up to six months to see the full results. After only a month I am quite satisfied with the results that we are seeing. We continue to use the alarm each night.

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